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DREAMBOX: Nuovo TS-Doctor, pulire, tagliare e convertire file TS
21 gennaio 2013 07:56 - notizia scritta da nokia9k8   

Molti ricevitori satellitari o digitali terresti moderni offrono la possibilità di registrare programmi televisivi e radiofonici, la cosidetta funzione PVR. Tali registrazioni sono conservati di solito in formato Transport Stream (TS) o in un formato simile.

Purtroppo, tali registrazioni spesso contengono errori o incompatibilità che portano a registrazioni incompatibili che non possono essere riprodotti su altri dispositivi senza problemi. Qui, TS-Doctor può aiutare più di ogni altro strumento, sia per la registrazione HDTV che SDTV. Verifica le registrazioni per errori, si adatta il formato per eliminare i problemi di compatibilità e ripulisce le registrazioni senza cambiare il video reale e dati audio. Alla fine otterrete un Transport Stream (ts) compatibile, che può essere riprodotto facilmente sui computer o su qualsiasi altro hardware come PopcornHour A100/A110/B200/C200, WDTV, Xtreamer e molti altri dispositivi simili.

TS-Doctor è ottimo per eseguire tagli (per esempio tagliare la publicità) o unire parti.

TS-Doctor è facile, veloce e senza perdita di qualità!

Inoltre, il TS-Doctor offre diversi strumenti per l'analisi, l'elaborazione e la conversione delle registrazioni.

Riduce la dimensione del file fino al 70% senza perdita di qualità eliminando i dati inutili contenuti sul file ts (Nalu Filler Data e dati commerciali non necessari).

Highlights della nuova versione 1.2:
Ancora più facile e taglio più preciso. I frame - supporto nella timeline. Tasti di scelta rapida per la modifica. Remux migliorato. Molti altri miglioramenti che rendono il lavoro con le immagini TS ancora più facile e veloce.

- Automaticaly remove of commercials **
- Cutting and Preview for multi file recordings
- Verify (show errors in streams)
- Clean (remove unnecessary data)
- Repair
- Merge
- Make incompatible stream playable
- Cut (remove advertisement, etc.)
- Delete of audio streams
- Delete of teletext streams
- Edit TS packets
- Processing of multi program recordings
- Conversion to MKV, DVR, AVCHD*, Bluray*
- Batch processing
- Demuxing
- Conversion of teletext subtitles to SRT

Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 Bit)
- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (64 Bit)

Supported Languages:
- English
- German
- French
- Polish (incomplete)
- Spanish (incomplete)
- Language editor for other languages

Transmission Standards:
- DVB-Radio

Supported Input Formats:
- TS
- M2TS
- M2T
- TS4
- TP
- TP0
- etc.

Supported Output Formats:
- TS
- Enigma TS (incl. *.ap and *.sc index files)
- MKV*
- M2TS*
- Bluray*
- SRT (subtitles from teletext)

- Comag SL100HD, SL90, SL60HD, SL40HD, etc.
- Dreambox DM8000/7025/7020//800/600/500, etc.
- Fortec Star FS4400
- Freebox HD
- Homecast HT8000, HS8100
- Humax ICord HD
- Kathrein UFS 922/910 /821
- Technisat HD-S2
- Technomate 6800HD
- TT-Micro S835 HD+ PVR
- NanoXX 9800 HD
- Vantage VT-1, 8000S
- Xoro HRS 9100,8750,8600/8520, HRT 5000, etc.
- etc.

TV Sets with integrated PVR:
- Minerva
- etc.

- Hauppauge HD PVR
- etc.

Ultimi aggiornamenti:

- Hotfix for sporadic "File buffer error" during analysis
- Hotfix for PCR out of range" for Technisat recordings
- Unnecessary messages about "encrypted areas" removed
- Skin engine updated

- New trial periode
- Version info in setup window
- Removed problematic option "Force AC3 consistency"
- Fixed crash when processing recordings of the Danish channel TCM
- No unnecessary cutting areas produce, if cutting at the beginning and at the end of an existing section range
- Now it's possible to cut between the first marker and the current cursor position
- Clicking on a marker let the cursor jump to the marker point
- Fix for sporadic problems with the bit rate indicator
- Fixed crash in the Teletext analysis of Danish TCM
- Fixed hangs for recordings of Panasonic DMR-BST700
- Use the recording details of Neutrino XML files, if found
- Fixed problem with SRT creation for split recordings with cutting areas

- Improved search and execution of program updates
- Revised GUI for distribution to multiple files
- The buttons and the timeline are blocked during the creation of the cut point pictures
- Sporadic problems with remembering the directory for "File open" fixed
- Automatic append of "_fixed" to the file name can be disabled in the settings
- Warning if target and source file name are the same
- Fixed problems with French subtitles
- Special Danish national characters support via G2 supplementary set
- Skin engine updated
- Fixed problems with Danish subtitles from TV1000
- Encrypted recordings will now stop at an earlier stage to avoid an application hang
- Removed distinction between subtitle and Teletext via the DataUnitID to work around problems with SIXX Teletext
- Support for Teletext analysis of SIXX
- Language finnish added (Thanks to Ropsi)
- Ansi/Unicode/UTF-8 support for MKVs in TS-Remuxer

- Splitting a recording into multiple files, the subtitles are divided accordingly
- Fix for recordings with PCR-wrap where the audio tracks get lost
- Fixed various minor problems with PCR-wraps
- In cutting window the first cutting area will be selected on opening
- Detecting missing/disabled MPEG2 video filters in Windows 8 without Pro Pack
- Window hierarchy revised to allow the application to work in the background
- Adjustments to the batch processing
- Taskbar button now appears correctly in Windows Vista, 7, and 8 on Windows
- Added ThumbnailTooltip for Windows Vista, 7 and 8
- If teletext PTS is corrupted, PCR is used for export of teletext subtitles (Polish HBO and CYFRA +)
- Supporting addition international character sets for teletext (Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania)
- Subtitle detection now also via control bit C6 to fixed the sporadic unrecognized subtitles at ARD and ZDF
- SRT export supports UTF8 and Unicode format now
- Memory-Leak in result dialog fixed
- Program update is ignored if a recording file is already opened
- Problem mit deaktiviertem OK-Button im File-Merger gefixt
- Improved concept for subtitle detection at ARD and ZDF
- Revised result dialog
- Display the duration of the deleted advertising breaks in the result dialog
- Potential errors in the "file open" dialog are now caught
- Audio, video and teletext details be sought only in the usable part of the recording
- Drag&Drop of multiple files improved
- Error in Teletext bring mixed up no longer subtitle detection (ZDF page 777)
- Increased number of search points for Teletext subtitles, if the recording is shorter than 60 minutes
- Subtitle lines with "KEINE UT" are now removed
- Number of files in the file merger increased to 1000
- Hotkeys in the timeline for +10sec.[z] und -10sec.[shift z]
- Hotkeys in the timeline for cutting area start[Home] und cutting area end[End]
- In the file merger files that do not consider the package borders, are now better recognized
- Avoiding deadlocks in the Teletext analysis
- Fixed problem with DBox recordings that have set the scrambled flag on all transport stream packets
- Stream processing accelerated

- Wildcard support for command line option "AUTODEMUX"
- Search accelerated for Teletext subtitles
- No warning message any longer on files that are larger than 4 GB on exFAT file systems
- No search for Teletext subtitles if the Teletext is disabled in the settings
- Program information from ADS info of the DVB viewer be applied if no program information can be found
- Improved handling of TechniSat recording format (TS4) if the files have been copied directly from the receiver (.ts4, .mks, .rec)
- Incorrect PTS timer for DVB subtitles at RTL are now detected and fixed
- Progress window should no longer force itself into the foreground
- For the AC3 advertising recognition, short AC3 changes are ignored, increased timeout from 1 second to 10 seconds. (ARD,ZDF,etc.)
- Fixed potential issues when opening files caused by file-locking
- Recordings that are fully encrypted, are canceled with appropriate error message
- The new AC3 advertising recognition process the last AC3 change correctly now
- Support for negative timer offsets in SRT export
- AC3 advertising detection completely rebuild to work correctly even with difficult AC3 streams of ARD and ZDF
- Intermittent long wait fixed when creating a new file with recordings of german broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, etc.) solved
- When cutting using PTS is impossible (sporadically for subtitles), then fallback to cut using PCR
- Teletext scan can no longer fail because of VPS data
- Short recordings (smaler then 140 MB) with activated option "Enhanced PCR check" has been sporadically to much cutted
- AC3-advertising detection more resistent against short-time changes within 1000ms (e.g. with ARD, ORF)
- Problem with automatic search for updates fixed
- Improved detection of beginning and end of movies for ARD, ORF using AC3 advertising recognition
- Progress bar for the Teletext analysis
- Teletext analysis can be disabled
- Support for Medion multifile recordings (Rec.ts, Rec.01, Rec.02, ...)
- Fix for recording details overview, where the list contains only one repeating entry
- Possible errors during creation of the DirectShow filter list fixed
- Fix for sporadically missing recording details in recordings of Arte
- Improved formatting of recording details
- Recording details with multiple pages are merged
- Recording details via Teletext for many additional channels (3sat,SWR,N24,MDR,RBB,NDR,EinsPlus,etc.)

Per maggiorni informazioni vedi su

Scarica TS-Doctor 1.2.61 dalla pagina dei tools


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