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DREAMBOX: LT-Image - The Second Maneuver dm7025
01 luglio 2007 21:36 - notizia scritta da nokia9k8   

LT-Image - The Second Maneuver


30th of June, 2007

Today we have some great news for you that owns a Dreambox 7025...finally, after long hours and much hard work, we feel that it is time to release The Second Maneuver from the LT Team. For this release, we have worked very hard to really fulfill most of the requests and suggestions we have seen on various boards, as well as on our own board: (If you have not registered already...hurry there to get the latest from the LT Team.) We have had a strong focus on killing all known bugs and really tried to get as high quality as possible, let's hope our effort has been successful..

New features
- Enigma2 CVS from 2007-06-29
- Stream2Dream - The revolutionary Stream for PC to DB built in! Make sure to get the Windows XP executable as well...
- LTQuickButton - Easy configurable Blue button function.
- Changed the menu tree to have EMU-features as easy access.
- EazyZapBar - (Small light weight Infobar when zapping...if you want more OK and the normal Infobar will come).
- LTMenu not "static" anymore...i.e. the skins can fully control the main menu.
- BlackBox - A new skin!
- ChannelSelection screen la Enigma1 with more info.
- CCcam-Infos in the InfoBar.
- A new Skin selector.
- MOTD signal. When there is a new MOTD available...a signal on screen.
- Check space (and possibly show) before install of addon's and image update.
- Enigma2 remote keys are default...not Neutrino.
- Make sure keymap.xml is not changed at online update.
- Added tar.gz and tar.bz2 support for Manual install.
- LT Config - Configure a lot of LT features very easy.
- Script names from script name in EMU Selection...;-)
- kernel-module-TUN, support for OpenVPN built in!
- djmount uPnP support
- Update satellites.xml with new sats.
- Major rework of EMU-Info, bug fixes and new support stuff.
- Added description widget to scripts. (Now there is a description for each script...)
- Added icon support for Scripts...(same name as the script+png).
- Load kernel module for the NFS-Server.
- A lot of bug fixes from First Encounter...

And many more small details...

This release contains so much new stuff that we have decided not make this available through our online update service. We think it might be too risky and we therefore want you to do a clean flash install with this image. Remember to backup all your data...through one of the LT Backup scripts perhaps?

Also, we are not at all testing the image through multi boot so we have NO idea if it works or not. We do recommend you NOT to run through a multi boot tool to to get the most stable environment. Also, we are NOT interested in bug reports from images run from multi boot...sorry, but we have to stay to one environment only.

So...well, let's hope you enjoy the new major release from LT...also, please remember that we only do this for ourselves and it is our hobby so have some patience with us and treat us fair! We have seen some use of the LT code put into other images we do not support nor like this type of action, and will not suport sites that allow their members to do this, we feel that the best way to enjoy the LT Image is to....simply use the LT Image...and remember, it is for free!

The LT Image does not contain any EMU's and all the patches we have done to the CVS code is included with full source code in the image. Our own code (non-patched) is however kept as compiled only.

Now...good luck upgrading and we hope that you enjoy our new image!

/LT Team

More info and support on LT Team.




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